Couple oil leaks after full rebuild

Hey fellas im starting to get a few oil leaks that im noticing after my full rebuild to replace gearshift shaft which sucks the big one :busted:

1. countershaft oil seal leak.

My thoughts: I used a new seal but may have driven it too far as it was further back than flush with the case and it doesnt have a recess to sit in like the other seals. New one is on order and should be here tomorrow... Any tips? can i use something around the seal to maybe help prevent leaks like some special seal lube etc? or just grease?

2. crankcase halves/main center gasket.

My thoughts: I noticed some oil on my bash plate so i took it off and it looks like to be coming out of the center gasket the seals the 2 halves together =( . I degreased the bottom and gave the bolts another 1/4 turn. This one really worries me as im not going to pull it apart again. I have taken it for a very short ride and seems ok but wont know until i take it for a proper ride.

3. Oil lines into right crank case.

My thoughts: I didn't replace the o-rings as they looked ok, but i am going to source some tomorrow to replace them. Hopefully they will fix it, i might add a smidgen of "gasket goo".

So there it is... i thought it was going 100% with 0 problems after the rebuild until these things showed their ugly heads :thumbsup:

Any advice? tips?

sounds like maybe mating surfaces werent entirely clean? or bolts werent tightened in even order? i had a problem with the cases leaking on a rebuild i did a bit back, turns out my torque wrench was the culprit. might want to check that? :busted:

Yeh i am not too confident in the accuracy of the torque wrench. it was only a $30 jobbie

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