crf silencer on my husky?

i have found a cheap doma brand exhaust silencer for my husky, should i buy it? will it fit with a few mods?

obviosly i will have to weld new mounting brackets, thats no problem. does anyone object the idea? why? anything i should know?

i have punched my standard silencer out, all that did was make the standard exhaust sound louder not give it a nice note that you get from your aftermarket pipes..

any sugestions guys??

IMO buy what was designed for the bike by folks like FMF, CRD, Leo Vince, Akrapovic, Etc etc . those guys all have just a little bit of R&D&test science behind their products. R

You didn't say what bike. Here is a pic of the KTM 525 can on my TE610.


$40 for the can (new takeoff), $30 for the welder and about an hours time.

Bike runs much smoother, cooler and accelerates much crisper. Plus it's about the same loudness of the stocker without all the weight.

Any I didn't have to pay $250+ for it!!!!

the bike is a husqvarna 450te

i dont want to buy a new one its about Au$600. i found one on ebay for about $150. i think thats a better option, dont you?

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