3D trials club event Cherry Valley,sept 13/09

Just a reminder 3D club ride at Cherry Valley,ny.Start 11 am.

Always a good time for all,hope to see a good turnout.JR:ride: :busted::thumbsup:

hmmmm that's tempting

Good ride sunday,not a bad turnout of riders could have been better.Sections and loop excellent.It did turn in to a real mudder but for this summer seems to be the norm.

Next event October 4,Romer mountain Phonecia,ny.

Later JR:thumbsup: :busted::thumbsup::banana:

JR...you should try to come to the Stepping Stone Event that I mentioned in that other thread...Bring Cody with ya, he would like the Challenge event in the afternoon.

Hey Thata5,Yes we have ridden many times at stepping stone nice location and area.We have a trial to ride that day in dist 4.New location and closer then RI.Hopefully Cody will be able to make one of the two days at Galway.We will have to see.JR:ride: :busted::thumbsup:

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