fork issue

hi guys,

i did my fork seal change in winter, i guess without problems, i did not replace the bushings; i went ridin, and felt perfect, and i put more than 30 hours in it without a problem.

last week i was doing a downhill section with a switched off engine, so i could hear every(non engine) noise what my bike does, and the fork sounded like chatter or rattle or i donno whats the good word for this, but it was noise and as i know i should not hear anything from the fork.

after this ride i decided to change tires, and when i wanted to install the front tires,( i was pretty agressive) the forkleg came out till the bushing, i was like holy shit............

any advice is appreciated, should just change the bushings, or the problem is more serious?

It will be more than just bushings. The problem should be fairly obvious when you get it apart. Either broken spring or a nut came off a shaft.

You didn't post what year?

its an 05, i took it apart...

so, the push rod just tear out from the adjuster (rebound), it seems to be there is no damage to the push rod, becouse its a much harder metarial than the aluminium adjuster. so i have to get a new adjuster, but this time i take all my stuff to a professional mechanic.

so what could has happen? seems to be my fault...

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