swingarm pivot bot siezed --2008 yz250

i picked up a beautiful 2008 yz250 a few months ago. the bike is amazing. one of my buddies just went through all kinds of trouble on his 2007 yz125. the swingarm bolt siezed and he couldn't get it out. he took it to a shop and it took them 5 hours to get it out!!! anyhow--this made me nervous.

the last ride i took on my 08 was a bit of a mudder. i decided to tear it down afterwards and grease everything up. the linkage & wheel bearings looked great and i cleaned them out and packed them w/ belray wp grease. then i tried to take off the swingarm. the darn thing is siezed!! i didn't beat the crap out of it for fear of mushrooming the end or destroying the threads. i gave it a good soaking w/ pb blaster and gave it a few more taps. it won't move. how could this happen on a seamingly new bike? how the heck do i get it out?? :busted: should i try heat? is this common on the aluminum frame 2-strokes or is this just bad luck?

thanks in advance!


lol happens way too often, the way i understand it is that the heat from the motor actually expands the bolt and it will almost weld itself to the alloy motor... but its actually very easy to get them out!

best way i found to remove these bolts is to go to a hardware store and buy about a two footlong piece of thread all and buy four or five nuts to thread on it! the use a socket or i used an old bmx bike peg or a couple washers that are about the same size as the bolt and put a fairly thick washer on the other side (the side the bolt will be pulled out from) and use a wrench and tighten the bolt down and it will pull the bolt right out! works everytime!

idk how well i explained it but if you pm me ill send you pictures of the one i made! it cost me about 7 dollars for the peices and parts to make it! and when you reinstall the bolt make sure you put some good water proof grease on the bolt everytime you reistall it and no more stuck swingarm bolt!

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