does Anyone Know!

where can i get the right side plactics to cover the exhaust in white with the 400sm sticker on it?

i cant find them anywhere


did you ask the dealership, they might be able to order it for you. Won't be cheap though if they can get it

thats what i was afraid of

Are you checking ebay ?

rockymountainatv has low priced aftermarket side panels...youll have to find the decal though

+ 1 on ebay you can find them, people parting out a bike

You can buy the sticker from Suzuki... but I doubt you'll enjoy the price.

Can't you order oem from the TT store????

Even OEM plastics requires you to purchase the stickers seperatly.

you can get a relatively cheap aftermarket side panel that will do you fine but if you want the stock sticker it will need to come from a suzuki dealership or online OEM store.



gets you all 3 side panels in white or black


pick a sticker

you totally failed at specifying what color or year so of course this is speculation.

FYI - You can purchase cheap OEM parts and stickers at "". They are reasonable for being OEM. I'm very anal when it comes to replacement parts and I bought OEM side panels recently. The only part that I thought was a little too expensive was the airbox side panel cover, but that was due to those silly D-rings. I also bought all of the replacement OEM stickers except the rad shrouds and they were pretty reasonable. I think I paid around $5-10 for the side "400sm" stickers.

Funny thing is....after I got the stickers I ended up peeling my stock ones off and using those on my new side panels instead. I waited until they were nice and warm and then peeled them off with absolutely NO problems.

Anyway....hope this helps???

thanks everyone, it was a huge help!

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