Would you buy used tires?

I have a new to me 1999 DR650 with Dunlop D606 tires on it. The PO used it primarily on trails but I intend to use it 90% road. In other words, I want to get tires that are a little less aggressive...

I talked to a guy with some used (original off of a 08 DR650) tires the other day that is willing to sell them to me for a good price. He said they are 50% worn, but I figure for $25, it might be worth it.

What do think? BTW, this forum is awesome!


I have gotten used tires before (via ebay, CL, and even TT) and never had a problem. None of them were 50% worn though, they were all practically brand new. If you change your own tires, $25 for them isn't too bad a deal. If you pay someone to do it though, probably not worth it. You can get brand new tires for the DR for around $100 and if you install them yourself, that's a pretty good deal.

I never purchased used tires, New ones are cheep enough for me that it's worth the new price. If your buying 50% used tires, you just added 50% more labor charges because your will replacing the tires 2 times with used to every 1 time new.

So long as they aren't rotting or have any damage I'd probably do it. The fact that they are at 50% life almost negates their usefulness though.

Yes, i will use used tires on my bike,

I regularly use old tyres now I change my own.

Some people get rid of them before they're bald!

Well, I ended up winning them on fleebay...

$4.99 plus $20 for shipping. No rotting and the beads looked just fine. For the $25, I'll give it a whirl...

Thanks for all the input!


Look for non factory bends in the tire.I bought some avons off ebay....still had the nubs on,but when the guy sent them he put tape tight like a ring in a couple of places.the tire was slightly deformed and it made a wobble that I cant get out even after a couple of remountings.

no way. New tires can be had too cheap to dumb around with used ones.

I bought a MX rear take off this past weekend, for trails it's fine. One race barely rubbed the square knobs round, mounted backwards so I get better forward grip - sacrifice a tiny bit of braking.

Now street? I'm not so keen on buying take offs that will be the only think keeping me planted on the ground at 80 mph. Esp. if they're dual sport tires on the street, you don't know what abuse the PO gave them.

I regularly use old tyres now I change my own.

Some people get rid of them before they're bald!

I'll keep you in mind next time I'm about to throw out a tire tha's got 10-20% tread left, there's one in my trash can now, in fact. You pick up though. :busted:

There's a reason some of us get rid of them before they are bald. They won't pass the state vehicle inspection.

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