06 yz450f or 06 CR250

I currently own an 06 yz450f, great bike so i cant really complain. But i have a chance to get my old CR250 back. I really miss that bike, the lightness and flickability. I dont need or want two bikes so id just like to get some feedback on which bike i should get or keep. I mostly just bust out laps at my sx style track or ill freeride at local coal hills with the occasional practice track day.


I wouldnt trade my yz450f for any other brand mx bike made.

i would trade for the 2 smoke, less maintence.....

The motor alone is worth the extra weight of the YZ 450f.

Hey you have seat time on both so I say go with what you feel best on. I see both sides. I love light weight bikes and used to think hey: just get more power, now I have a 07 Honda 450R and a 09 Husky TXC 510. Both very fast and fun bikes but honestly I have more FUN on my little 08 Husky CR 125 2-stroke. It just a blast to ride due to the light weight and quick handling. So if you miss that on your current ride get something you feel best on and you will ride longer and have more fun doing so. Good luck.

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