Chain tensioner

Well it finally happened my tensioner went south. Good thing it went as I was pulling into my buddies cabin right after a 60 mile loop of single track. I was wandering what brand should I look at or should I just buy another stock one? Is there anything I need to look for like any metal parts that might have came apart? I took it out and it looks all there it just doesn't have any spring tension.

You talkin cam chain tensioner i assume. Dude, I just put a 60 mm bolt in mine with a jam nut. Total cost 50 cent. Lovin' it.

TokyoMods make a sweet one I have one in my CRF450R 09 and both CRF150R 07's. My stock one went out in my 07 450 and it put it a hole in the bottom of the case about the size of a baseball.

Buy a new cam chain, 2008 tensioner and inspect the guides - replace as needed.

if you go aftermarket, they are manual units.

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