Valve clearance help

I have a 2004 YZ450F.. Should I change out the pads if I am at the lowest clearance allowed within spec? For the intake the clearance specs are between 10mm and 15mm. I am at 10mm clearance. The exhaust is between 20mm and 25mm. I am between 20mm and 23mm on exhaust #1 and at 20mm on exhaust #2. Not sure if less clearance is better or more clearance is better when it comes to measuring the valves?

pad #'s

Exhaust pad #1 - 185

exhaust pad #2- 185

exhaust pad #3 - 180

Intake pad #1 - 175

intake pad #2 - 175

Any help is appreciated... Thanks

First, the difference between .10mm and .15mm is .002". Second second, when the spec is .10-.15, it means that .10 is acceptable. Yamaha always assembles the bikes as close to the minimum as possible, and technically, less clearance is better than more for a variety of reasons.

You're fine as you are. Leave it.

those are my specs 10mm and 20mm they have been rock solid at those specs for the last 140 hrs that are on my bike. and i check mine every 20hrs. if your bike starts first or second kick they are in spec.

Is there anywhere that you are aware of that sells half size(175 to 172.5) valve shims for the Yamaha yz450f?

Your local Honda dealer. Shims for the CRF are the same 9.48 mm diameter, and are available in .025 increments. But why bother?

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