Dropped a tooth on the front sprocket ('07 WR250F) - whole new bike!

I picked this bike up in June and love it except for its lack of low end power to pull me in tight, technical woods. I'm 5' 11" and weigh 245 lbs.

At first I was going to get a larger rear sprocket but after reading posts in TT, I decided to just go down one tooth on the front. This approach also saved me a ton of money because if I changed the rear, I would have needed a new chain to match it.

Changing the front sprocket cost me $18 (Sunstar) and was the best mod on the bike to date.

I love second gear now. :thumbsup:

I can now use the throttle to get me out of trouble and maintain much better control of the bike. I used to have to either run in first (engine braking was more disruptive than having the available power ) or feather the clutch like crazy in second.

The bike's character has changed quite a bit and for $18, was much better than any of the free mods I have done. I'll get another season out of it before I go to a bigger bike.

Thanks for all the posts that led me to this decision. TT rules!:busted:

Have you done any of the free mods yet?

Have you done any of the free mods yet?

Yes. I've done them all in addition to an FMP Powerbomb pipe and Q4 TI muffler.

I am about the same size as you (6' 240) and I did the 12t front sprocket to my new (leftover) 2008 WR250F and I agree with what you said 100%. I much prefer it over the stock 13/50 gearing. It is perfect now for my riding and it still has plenty of top end. I love it.

By the way, I doubt that I will move up to a bigger bike. I do wonder if I would have been better off buying the WR450F. I had the chance to buy a leftover 2008 WR450F for only $400 more than I paid for my leftover 2008 WR250F at the same dealership. I chose the WR250F. I have never ridden a WR450F so I do not know whether I would have preferred it or not.

Well, I spent a lot of time deciding between the 250 and 450. I think everybody is different and why I chose the 250 may not be the same for most.

I am a "C class" rider but it has been years since I've ridden seriously. My son just turned 10 and I have been looking forward to teaching him to ride for years. I finally talked his mother into letting us get bikes and ride. I can handle just about any terrain or hill climbs that anyone else can ride- just not as fast as an A or a B rider.

My needs in a bike were two-fold. I needed to be able to putt around at my son's speed so I could teach him (and pick him and his bike up frequently) as well as be able to tear it up with the big boys when I want to.

What I didn't need was a bike that was lots of work to ride and made me feel "beat up" at the end of the day of riding.

I've ridden all the Japanese 450's and they all seemed like "beat me up" kind of bikes (even the WR450 - and the Honda was the worst). The power came on quick and hard and felt uncontrollable for the way I ride. They just did not feel like a fit for the type of riding I do - which is tight, technical woods riding with lots of hills and turns.

I have since fallen in love with KTM's. The KTM 400 XCW will be my next bike. It has all the power I need down low and comes on super smooth.

For some reason, the Japanese manufacturers have buried themselves in a horsepower war and have lost sight of how to best deliver that power to the rear wheel. It is a shame they do not offer something in between the 250 and 450 for the woods rider.

Until I have saved up enough Ben Franklins for the KTM, the Yamaha WR250F is serving me very well. :busted:

Btw, my son and I are racing in the local hare scramble series here in western PA. We're lovin' it!

Your reason for not going with the WR450F was one of the reasons that I did not choose it over the WR250F after reading posts for hours on the subject. I ride tighter stuff too, and the WR250F seems to fit that riding better from what I read.

I went down a tooth on my front sprocket on my 05 wr250f and I agree --totally different bike. Instead of stock it's now 12/52 and it seems I have the power in the gear that I need ...

I think it was the best mod on the bike (and I've done quite a few) ...now I never have to use first gear

I also tried 12/51 --didn't like it --had to use first --I ride a lot of tight single track with hillclimbs ...I was really surprised that I could feel one tooth in the back as much as I did

top end is not a problem on the trails/HS races that I race in ....If I was to do a GNCC I might change the gearing for some additional top end speed.

BTW, 215 hours on my wr and the valves have not moved --air filter change every ride and oil change every 3 rides or 100 miles --whichever comes first.

this was "re-entry" bike after 27 years off the dirt (had a streetbike) and it's taken alot of abuse as my skills have slowly come back --these are one tough bike. My last bike (tells you how old I am) was a 1975 can am 250 --scary fast engine --scarier suspension --I was 16 when I had it and I still shudder when I think about it --had about a 50 rpm powerband but when you hit it you better be holding on tight because the front wheel was going to the sky no matter what gear you were in...

at least with today's bikes you get to spend a lot more time riding then fixing ...

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