Tibial Collateral Ligament soreness...concern? Dr. Mark?

52 years old, last night on a rocky uphill I stalled. I put my right foot down to stabilize the bike and it started rolling backwards and put a lot of pressure on my right leg. I felt my quad and knee strain.

At no time did my knee or quad swell. This AM is only mildly worse pain than last night. Mid quad has an area that is sore like someone punched it with a knuckle....not a large area. Knee has some pain when putting my weight on the right leg and then extend the leg. The knee does not collapse when I put my full weight on that leg with the leg bent almost 90 degrees and I can straighten it up but with some pain.

There is no pain when moving the knee laterally either way to its limit. The mild pain is strictly limited to the exact area of the TCL.

Is it possible that this is a strain that will heal on its own?

Several years ago I was playing baseball in cold weather, went to a full squat to catch a ball, and the OTHER (left) TCL went POP an was sore for weeks but totally healed. Hoping this is similar..........

I have read so much about ACL and PCL but little in a search talks about TCL and associated things that could cause pain (sacs?).

Thanks for any input.

If the knee isn't loose, I treat it with immediate rehab exercises.

Doctor, thank you! Not loose at all.

I see now what makes it hurt (can't resist testing all directions and looking for cause/effect): putting pressure on the knee in the reverse direction: i.e. sitting and banging my heel into the floor. I can see that I certainly put pressure like this on the leg with my leg on the rocks while the bike was sliding downhill backwards. No pain in the rear of the knee though, only the TCL area. I feel so lucky.

As for exercises: any suggestions of a site to go to for particular exercises?

Many, many thanks.

Stationary bike, one hour per day, everyday.

Thanks, Doctor, for checking in again and the rec. I had thought there might be specific exercises, I'll do the bike plus normal walking if that does not hurt.

It is an unbelievable service you offer on this site, I hope it works well for you overall.

My bes to you .

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