Gearing and chain issues?

Reading the different methods of lowering the gearing, I'm going to drop mine down a bit for better trail performance...recently acquired '06 with a bunch of mods already done ranging from full Muzzy exhaust, fully opened intake (wire mesh too), and appropriate re-jet. I think I want to retain the 14T and change the rear sprocket. The stock rear sprocket and chain has some miles, I don't have a 13T at the moment, and the 14T I have is brand some cost offset is already achieved.

My question is for those who have gone to a 14/46 or 14/47, did you run into any more aggressive wear issues on the rub blocks and chainguide parts that might be a concern?

06, 250 or 300? the stock 300 was 14/50

Ooops!...'06 KLX250. I just read a lengthy post over on the Kawasaki forums about this, and apparently the 14/47 will work fine. I just wasn't sure if the rear chainguide had clearance. It does.

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