Need Older KTM Plastics

I just got a '91 KTM 125, and although it is mechanically sound, the side plastics (number plates and fairings) aren't on the bike, and I was wondering, either what other years will fit this bike, or where can I find plastics for it? Any help is appreciated.

Well actually that bike turned out to be a piece. The forks were just about split in half near the axle :busted: so I got my pit bike back and traded it to a guy for a mint '91 KTM 300. All it needs is a bearing for the piston and I'm good. 90 bucks. The inside of the engine is beautiful, and the whole motor is basically brand new.

Always good news

I don't even have to pay for labor. The engine is already apart so once I get the bearing the dude's gonna throwit back together for me lol. I'm lucky.

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