Loosing coolant in XRR

I'm losing coolant in the XRR and not sure where it's going. :busted: Anyone know of a pressure testing cap I can make or buy to test the system? I was going to just buy new silicone hoses but at $109, I thought it would be worth it to look into it more..


Have you checked the weep hole at the bottom of the water pump? How much are you losing?

i'll check the weep hole when I get the tank back on today. As far as how much.... lost the entire catch tank and 1/3 of radiator fluid. Yikes...Thinking its a hose??? I'll try and hook up a pressure test or something to it....Will also check the plug for indications.

+1 on the weep hole, also your 100% sure its not burning coolant right?

Ok, pulled the plug and it's fine. Checked all of the connections at the radiator and found nothing glaring. Down at the pump, the bottom right bolt had corrosion on it, so I decided to pull it and check it out. It wasn't very tight and the corrosion looked to be coolant that was dusty and stuck on the head of the bolt. I'm thinking this is the problem....well, hoping anyway. I'll put a new washer on order (copper) and pick up some more coolant while i'm at it. I have a car coolant pressure tester, but it doesn't fit the XR's smaller radiator, darn it. I'll have to pick up a motorcycle adaptor so I can check the rest of the system. Didn't see a weep hole though....

Did'nt see the weep hole? (Do you have a manual?) The weep hole is on the bottom side of the pump. They call it the tell tale weep hole. If your inner pump seal is bad, then coolant will leak from this hole/ area.

Weird that the catch bottle is empty.

Yea, i've been at work for a few days darn it....havent been able to get into it...tomorrow is a new day...i'll get down there and see what's up and post the findings.

Ok, found the weep hole/slot on the bottom of the pump area. Perfectly dry after a ride today. I'll rip around on it some more and test it out after tightening the crush washer / bolt on the pump. The local parts store didn't have a copper washer that small...will keep looking around.

If you smell it when it's hot that's a good thing.Could be an external leak.(water pump)

If you can't smell it,it could be leaking internally like the head.(very bad)

Hi Heetseeker, When I got my 2000 XR650R one of the first things I did was replace the coolant along with the other fluids. During my first half a dozen rides or so I was finding that I was adding coolant after each days ride. Then it suddenly stopped. I probably had air trapped within the system and it took time to eventually flush it out. I followed the manual on replaceing the fluid and filling procedure but thats how it went. Also I was reminded that the XR being liquid cooled needs air to cool the fluid through the radiator and it will heat up if left idling in hot weather. If it gets to hot then it will over pressurize and over flow in the resivoir and out the hose onto the dirt. This did happen. So now that I'm aware of it and I have a vapor bar mount set up I can watch my temp. I also am using the stock rad cap. I haven't had any coolant drop issues since, nothing significant.

Hope this helps.


copy that...thanks for the info. I'm ordering a new radiator cap and copper crush washer..along with a new thermostat.

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