are the bolts that go though tank to radiator the same on both sides?

Hey got a 05 yz 125 and took the screw out that goes though the side cover of the tank and screws though my radiator brace into the white plastic radiator guard on the other side.

I some how lost the screw and i swear i remember the left and right side being different. I looked up the parts and they have different numbers on the skematic as in #5 and # 12 but the part numbers are the same. I just swear to god i remember the left side being longer than the right so can anyone clairify this for me or are they the same. heres a link to the screws in guestion

The parts are number 12 and number 15

they should be identical, same exact part... someone probably lost and replaced one at one point in time and thats the reason one was longer than the other

the parts you are describing should b parts 10 and 15... not 12. no. 12 is the fairing itself

Ah sorry. It would make sense that they were the same but I don't get why don't they have the same number on the skematic then?

yea that would be alot less confusing...

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