Old Girl All dolled up again.

Gotta love ebay :busted: Couple of stickers can make an old girl look pretty again.




Wow, she's a beauty. Very good job! :thumbsup::busted:

Nicely done ! Two questions though, what year ('06 ?) and how do you like the Risk racing stand ?

Sweet!! My 05 needs the same.

Looks like your old girl has been to the doctor to get some enhancements done. Nice looking!

That is sick, Very nice. I was debating weather to get new graphics and seat cover off ebayfor my 03 Crf450, Now I am.

That is awesome... nice bike:thumbsup:


shes an 07 and i love the risk stand. Its a little heavy and awkward but once you get past that its the cadilac of stands.

Sooooooooooooo Sick!

Hope u rip it!

BTW... How much did the bike cost with all the upgrades, looks pretty pricey. $$$

sick :busted:

SHWING!!!! That old girl is a MILF! I just bought one,oh the possibilities.Wicked that is.:busted:

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