Pachaug Trail Blocked

I rode the loop with a couple guys Friday and we came across a yellow caution tape guarding a trail FILLED with freshly cut limbs. There were a LOT. It was deliberate and it will take a couple guys hours to clean this mess up - chainsaws will be necessary.

Here are some pictures.

This one is of the caution tape.


Same basic picture here but I made sure you could see the red trail marker arrow is visible. It's not "photoshopped" or pasted in there, the trail is actually marked right there.


It's hard to see the trail in this picture but it goes from the bottom left corner up towards the top right - totally covered in cut trees.


The blockage is close to the end of the loop in the Mount Misery section. To pass it we turned around and took the first trail on the left. You will shortly come to an 4-way intersection of trails. Take a left here and it'll put you back on the marked trail.

I don't mind helping with the clean up when I'm not working my 9 to 5. What a mess. Someone went through a LOT of effort to close this trail.

Wonder if it was closed by the DEP or mean people?

I doubt D.E.P. would do that kind of damage to the trees even if they did close the trails. This is obviously someone that did something illegal to block a legal trail. I would have love to catch the guy doing it in the act just so I could have heard his story - or taken his picture.

Does the park know about it yet?

Wacky environmentalists destroying trees to protect the forest!

The D.E.P. will not allow you to cut in a State forest using a chain saw. Personally, I don't have a two person saw from the 1800s so going in with a chain saw is the only option here.

I didn't report it to D.E.P. - I've reported other trees across the trails and they clearly don't care. Apparently, it's a big deal for them to send out a guy with a saw to move a tree off a trail - never mind 50 trees. Long story made short...they don't care if out little trail is blocked.

I would like to hang a sign on a tree over there though. The person responsible is bound to return to check on his handywork. I think the sign should say that the trail is legal and part of the CT State Park system and if there are any questions, contact D.E.P. or a Forest Ranger. Cutting trees in a state park with a chain saw is illegal.

Something along those lines - I'd be happy to make and post a few signs.

Friggin' idiot.

The one stinkin' place that the State of Connecticut says is legal to ride your dirt bike on State land has to be f'ed with by some retard.

Probably some brainwashed econut that would kill somebody to "save" the Earth or some grouchy old bastard that hates those lousy dirt bikes.

Maybe when he comes back to see if his creation snared a dirt bike rider, Bigfoot will pounce on him and make him squeal like a pig. :busted:

The club that maintains the trails should be notified so they can take care of it. I forgot which club it was.

The club that maintains the trails should be notified so they can take care of it. I forgot which club it was.

we all should take care of that! If you ride there do your part!

NETRA has been notified. They'll figure out the right thing to to. Because it IS illegal to use a chain saw in the State Forest, maybe they can work with the D.E.P. to get a temporary exception.

That looks like a lot of crap. We have had this happen to our trails though not as much and that (seems like chats which we still ride around). Usually it is a single tree fell and we just go around it by going via the trunk... actually helps us change are trails up.. To bad the brush seems so dense, otherwise I blaze a new trail thru the brush and with the rest of the group we beat it down and after a few laps we create a new trail when possible.

Rob, We rode out there on Sunday the tape was still there but the trees were gone.. I thought it was strange, but now that I see your pics I think it's even stranger..

we all should take care of that! If you ride there do your part!

I agree with you but if you are not a member of a club please join one. Pathfinders MC which i'm a member of maintains Thomaston Dam. A lot of work gets accomplished thru clubs. They usually work directly with riding areas and can get access fairly easily. I didn't know this until I joined Pathfinders MC but they gave $2000 to TD for road maintanence last year. They also hold work parties at TD to maintain the trails and work directly with the Army on issues that arise. I'm sure you know this already.

A cordless, battery powered reciprocating saw (sawzall) would be easier than doing it by hand, but you better have a lot of batteries and a way to charge them.

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