Acerbis Skid Plate - anyone try it or have one mounted up?

I'm looking... and instead of going with my good old reliable Alum. skid plate... I'm thinking of trying an Acerbis model.

(a nice touch, is they use stock mounting holes. Nothing like using those awkward c-type metal clamps!)

Anyone else try them?

... and yes, JCR is using them from what I understand. So, gotta be decent right?! :busted:

In fact, a local shop here has them... good guy sells all Acerbis (mostly). Not many have heard of them, "Baja Cycles".

Here's a 'stock' picture of one (not sure which bike this fits);


I have one on my kx450 its for a klx but mounted up fine i have had it on most of the summer and its still looking good. I will not go back to an aluminum skid after trying this one

I would like to see how well it worked, I like the idea.

How much$

I picked up the skid plate...

Baja Cycles - San Diego (619.291.0966)

Owned and operated by a family: Dad, son and wife. Very nice people, and they have a huge selection of Acerbis products from clothing, to those crazy Acerbis seats... to boots, and all kinds of nice things.

They had my skid plate IN STOCK!! Price was unbeatable (call for pricing), and I hear if you mention my name... you might just get a deal. Better than the price going up for mentioning my name! :busted:

I'll install tonight, and take some pictures of it installed.

It's a nice thick black plastic, with the simplest mounting I've ever seen. It'll hook over the rear of the frame under the trans and use only two bolts (existing frame/engine guard holes) to secure it up front. Can't be any simpler than that.

I'm not sure how well it'll guard the oil filter or water pump area... but we'll soon see. Just short of bash guards, I'm sure it'll be fine for my use.

(pictures coming soon)

I got one of these Thursday, just in time for my hare scramble. I think is was $79 (not sure). Went on in a minute or 2. Worked great in the race.. I crossed logs with it (that it scraped) about 15-20 times. No issues so far. But have only had it 5 days :busted:

I ran a plastic skid plate on my KTM for a long time. They work very well and hold up to some pretty serious abuse... aluminum bends, plastic doesn't. Keeps it fitting well for a long time. I regret not getting this one for my 450x.

Looks like a very sano unit. How strong do you think the side wings are?

I also like the look of these but was told by a local guy that they tend to rip/tear off where the bolts go. I would be super keen to find out if they hold up well for others.

I also like the look of these but was told by a local guy that they tend to rip/tear off where the bolts go. I would be super keen to find out if they hold up well for others.

I would agree with that, if the bolt is too small... too small a washer, not tight... or if the skid plate just gets used as a winch mount. I could see that being a big issue. .... it looks to me like it'll work well as the plate mounts to and form fits the frame down tubes, using the two side bolt holes for the engine guards (wings).

... I know alum. would have less a chance... but I don't plan on pulling my bike backwards over too many stumps. I hope to use it mostly for forward movement and rock deflection. If I run into an area where dropping the bike in a bed of rocks becomes an issue, I might just have to throw my body under it :busted:

JAT, I read a write up on that plate in Dirt Rider (Sept 09). The only issue they reported was that the hardware was kinda cheesy and they had something come loose. They replaced the bolts and went with bigger washers and no longer had problems. How does the hardware look to you? I like this new Acerbis plate and would try one if I didn't already have a Hyde plate. Please report back after you get some hard miles on it.

This is the plate I have been eyeing, and %90 likely to buy. The protection should meet my demands, and the sound/weight factor is a big plus. I will be looking into one of these and a PMB kickit stand soon.:busted:

Okay... got'er installed.

Beautiful fit. No hardware came with it, as you re-use your stock 10mm headed bolt and large flat washer. Installation took longer to get it out of the bag... amazingly easy. God help you if you have a shop install it for you. :busted: For those who like to remove the skid for doing oil changes... it'll take you a matter of 2minutes to get the plate off.

Fit was tight up to the cases and looks trick. It doesn't offer as much side protection as my BajaDesigns (forgot who makes that one) Alum. Skid Plate did... but, that alum. skid sticks out from the cases and frame quite a bit and is a catch all for mud and dirt. This skid is nice and tight, and up against the case. Which some will like, some won't. I think if your into huge rock riding, and you come down on a rock that can hit your mag cover, or your bike slides into a rock... it'll have a chance to hit the lower corner of your mag cover pretty easily. Since the skid comes off SO EASY (for maintenance or field work - like JB case repair); I'd like the wings of the skid to come up and wrap the case a bit more. I mean, that would be trick... I'm only asking another 2" all the way around the sides (maybe I'll photoshop what I mean and add those pics as examples)

(the pictures are hard to see just how well, or tight it fits... but you'll get the idea)

Here's some large pics of it on my (in progress - '07 X);





Looks like you will have to take it off to change the oil filter, that kind of sucks but looks like a pretty good setup other than that. Price sure seems right.:busted:

Here's the only pic I have of mine :busted:


Looks like you will have to take it off to change the oil filter, that kind of sucks but looks like a pretty good setup other than that. Price sure seems right.:busted:


However, two bolts and it's off.

OR... simply dremel a couple small half (1/2") circles in the plastic and wha-la... easy access to oil drain or filter.

I like it.

I would buy that if I needed a new skidder.

I like it.

I would buy that if I needed a new skidder.

I agree, nothing better then when price and function work together, plus I like the black.

Nice! I'm wondering if it's dampen some of the sound ricochet compared to the Aluminum skid plate?

Nice! I'm wondering if it's dampen some of the sound ricochet compared to the Aluminum skid plate?

Without a doubt. FYI: if you glue a piece of rubber to the inside of an aluminum skid-plate, it helps absorb some of the sound. I didn't have spray adhesive when I first got my Works Connection alum skid plate so I ran it without the rubber... was super noisy. Got me some 3M industrial strength spray adhesive and glued the OEM ruuber to the new skid plate and it made a world of difference.

I had an aluminum skid plate on my 300 XC and after pretending to be a trials rider, bashed the living crap out of the plate, subsequently bending and distorting the crap out of it. I tried to bend it back into place, but it never fit the same again. One huge benefit to plastic - it retains it's shape.

I love mine...SO much quieter than the large aluminum ones, and a reduction in weight, as well. When the Honda Team was 'retro'ing the XR650R plates, I knew there had to be something to be said about that. I really like the Acerbis unit!

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