Killed my Electrical, Help?

So I took out my DR350 last night cause my friend wanted to go for a ride. I was replacing the tailight with an acerbis one and didnt have it wired in so I just took the lens off and left the wires loose. When we got out I went down a 40 foot ditch and into about a foot of water and as soon as I got in the water the bike shut down. No lights, no starter, no power. So after we pushed it up the slippery 90 degree angle hill we were able to push start it. When running the lights will fade with the motor revs and it will idle, but no electrical at all. The wires to the rear lamp were exposed and wet, so I am thinkin I shorted something. Any ideas, I tried it this morning after it dried out and nothing. I am thinking it may be a fuse, battery, CDI, but not sure. I just wanted some opinions before I started going through it. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Does sound like a short but I am not familiar enough with the electrical on dirtbikes to give the best advice. If a bike has fuses, this would most likely be what was tripped, and would mean you simply need to get a new fuse.

+1 on the fuse.

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