rekluse clutch-09 crf 450

have any of you guys tried this on your crf?what did you like and dislike about?and second,where did you buy it?thanks-mike

another question is which would be best for mx?

I had the Rekluse Pro in my 03' and now its in my 08'. It took a little set up, but I loved it in both bikes. With the Pro you retain your standard clutch lever and it still works normally. I don't have any experience with the EXP, however there is a test of it in last months MXA - they raved about it. The EXP does not have the adjustability (different springs, # of ball bearings) of the Pro, in my opinion. I have my own set up with 3 less ball bearings and the standard spring. The biggest thing is the reduced effort when riding. Comming out of every turn I just twist the throttle and as long as I am within 1-2 gears of what I should be the Rekluse just slips, and the rear wheel hooks up. If your carb is not set up properly you can still stall the bike if you whack the throttle too quickly, but the cluth has nothing to do with that. It will not stall from braking or going to slow. I am a vet B MX rider and have been very happy with it.

thanks willbilly,finally someone answers-i guess andrew short landing in sweden is the big news

I have one in my 09, and it works great, does away with the hard clutch pull, I get no clutch fade as with the stock set up, and it doesn't stall. I still use the clutch lever as usuall, it is just a lot easier with the rekluse. You get a new inner hub with the rekluse set up so you do away with the crappy stock 4 spring setup.

thank you tmauto,thats good to hear-mike

I have the rekluse pro in mine and have for 63 hours now. It works awesome as far as wood are concerned, I think it leaves something on the table for the track guys though. Rekluse just came out with a new clutch that is supposed to be aimed that way. I use mine in conjunction with pro circuit and a remap from Eddie. The bike works very well overall but is still prone to stalling, even under a fair amount of throttle. Not quite sure what the problem is. Any way, The Rekluse is worth the money. By the way, I still have not needed to adjust it yet. I had to adjust the one in my 500AF at 145 Hours!

thanks 500,i just installed the new rekluse core exp clutch tonight , well see how she flies tomorrow-mike

but is still prone to stalling, even under a fair amount of throttle. Not quite sure what the problem is.

How would it stall? it's designed not to stall. Is it just an adjustment problem? Just wondering.

It stalled really bad before I did the clutch but it isn't like your thinking; it is stalling mostly under a load, like almost quarter throttle. It is really odd. I let a couple of friends with 08's try it and they noticed the same thing. I had Eddie's remap done 40 hours ago and that helped but didn't FIX the problem. I really haven't delved too far into finding a solution because it is not a constant problem but I am curious if anyone else has had similar issues?. As far as a setup issue, I doubt it, this is my 4th Rekluse and the 7th that I installed. Rekluse does a really good job of keeping things straight forward and makes it hard to make a mistake {unless it is for a KTM}. I don't mean that to sound so rude, I understand what you meant but it doesn't feel like it is stalling because of clutching or idle position.

Moto, I am very curious as to the differences/benefits of the core exp vs. the pro. If you get a chance for some info or a ride report that would be awesome. If it is the same difference as the regular to the pro there might be a pro for sale. Lightly used, out of wifes bike, never raced, 1/2 hour max, adult owned...JK, I love it when people put that BS.

With the Pro you can adjust engagment RPM (with spring) and engagment rate (number of ball bearings installed.) With the EXP I dont believe you can adjust any of that. The EXP engagement plate is a self contained non-adjustable unit as far as I can tell. Not sure what 500AF is referring too with a stall at 1/4 throttle, but I exepect it to be a carb problem. The Rekluse will not allow a low rpm stall because if adjusted properly the clutch will not be engaged.

I think 500AF is referring to the odd stall on the 09 crf450. I read in MXA,they had to turn up the idle and use a low rpm retarded ignition map,to remedy the problem. This is another reason that keeps me on my 05 and not buy the 09-the unexplained flameout at low RPM.

ill give you a ride report sunday afternoon-mike

how does the recluse work when it comes to to getting on the throttle fast. Do you still have the snap (like when you need to get the front tire off the ground quickly; logs, water,etc) or does ist slip before it catches when you want instant response?

ok,ill give you a background on what level my riding is first.i race the vet am class and do well in it,top 3 mostly and same results in hare scrambles.ok on to ride report.i must say its a wierd sensation to sit still idling in first gear and turn the throttle and lurch forward,kinda like a moped if your old enough to remember those.the track i rode today was englishtowns practice track which was very muddy from the last 2 days deluge of was awesome to be able to go into a muddy corner a gear hhigher than usual and not have to worry about the bike coughin up and stalling,turns i usually take in 2nd i was taking in 3rd.the bike never even came close to stalling out just lugged right thru the slop and picked up cleanly out of the corners,if the rpms were not at a level you want ,just stab the clutch and yank em up.the bite is instant,as soon as you open the throttleabove idle it clamps the clutch down and goes-really kinda frees up your attention to focus on the track your held up well thru all the mud and never faded at very pleased with it and definitely does what it says .no stalling,gear higher in the turns,carry more momentum around the track looking forward to getting in the woods,i believe it will be even better there-mike

Mike, thanks for replying. I'm looking to get my 09 450 set up for the woods, and so I have been interested in the rekluse. Do you think it would cancel out the need for a weighted fly wheel? thannks, Shane

I have a rekluse on my 09 and it has been working very good. I have similar set-up on 06 with a flywheel weight. I spent a lot of time dialing in the 06 between the rekluse and the carb to prevent stalling etc. So far I have had minimal issues on my 09 but haven;t really riden a lot of super technical stuff. It has been remapped and it seems to run very good with almost no stalling. I still may try a flywheel weight depending upon how it does on my next few rides.

i guess that would depend on if you wanted to change the stock power delivery,otherwise no need.not a chance on stalling-mike

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