2003 450r

I pulled two holeshots on my 03 450R this weekend. This bike has its original valves shims rings etc. I checked the valves before the season started and they were just at the low end.

I just can't believe that this bike after all these years is still so competitive. It is by far the best bike I've ever owned. It definitely hasn't been used as much as some bikes, but still I think it has an exceptional performance for its age.

wish my 03 still pulled and ran amazing like all the new bikes.

I don't think it's as fast as the new bikes or even as fast as it used to be. But it's like a tractor off the line. And I keep expecting it not to start one day but it just keeps going.

Must of been at the Vet races, Congrats.Its not the bike its the rider. I have an 03 also and I beat my friend who has an 08. Which day did you race if you raced the Vet at etown. Oh my 03 is just a beast, I think it is faster than the new honda's which were toned down over the years.But again it is the rider.

Good to hear some good things about other 03s. had mine since 05 (4 yrs this month) and love it. I see new bikes and would really like one, but I cant imagine another bike being as reliable and trouble free.

I too keep waiting for problems to arise but it just keeps going and going.

The only bad thing is its getting harder to get the cool new graphics for the older bikes.

my 03 wont die either......and if it does.......parts on the shelf to fix :busted:

I just picked up an 03 (good amt. of aftermarket parts) a week ago and compared it to my friends 06(stock) I would take mine over his anyday, I did notice that the 06 does indeed handle a bit better though. But my motor pulls alot better, but then again its not stock.

I plan on doing a season on the 03 next year, its my first year getting back into motocross since college, so I think it will do just fine for me, how ever I think that the following year I def will be better off on a nice new updated bike. Those new Yami's are sure looking good haha :busted:

I found 2 cool sets of graphics for the 03. Both are Monster evergy. And made for the 09 but have them for the 02-08. These are full sets with seat covers and one comes with number plate backgrounds for under 100 bucks.

my 04 feels way faster than one of my friends 08, but his definately handles better!

My 03 has RG3 triples with an offset. I don't know what it handled like before the RG3's but this bike turns very well. In fact if I had any handling complaint it would be high speed stability, not turning. The race was in fact a vet class, no huge accomplishment to get the holeshot, but the bike still pulls.

had my 04 for 2 1/2 years and my only complaint is the turning. I think that it handles like a tank, and plan on getting a 07 or 08 in the spring.

Hey dont sell yourself short, I used to race the vet races at etown and there are some very fast old guys,Lol. I also have 20mm clamps and bike turns on a dime. My only complaint is that somtimes it is too much power. I am used to my 250f. My 450 doesn't(probably not going fast enough) but Honda's have that high speed wobble.

My 03 left me stranded my last ride out. I had to hide it in a ditch(In Mexico) walk back a mile to my truck. I think it bent a valve or the cam chain jumped. She surged almost backfired and died and now tightens up on the kick. Even though she left me stranded I still love her because its the first time she let me down.

I'm struggling with the idea that I need to update. I don't think I can keep this bike forever and they are giving away leftover 08's.

What do you all think, will I be happy if I sell and upgrade to an 08?

I'm struggling with the idea that I need to update. I don't think I can keep this bike forever and they are giving away leftover 08's.

What do you all think, will I be happy if I sell and upgrade to an 08?

I've been very happy with my '04. Aside from regular wear and tear, she's been bulletproof. The main reason I will hold onto my '04 is because I recently swapped my '04 frame to an '02 frame and can legally ride year around. But If I lived in New Jersey, I would buy that '08. Hard to believe these bikes can get better year after year. If you bought an '08 I doubt you would ever look back - do it!

i get compliments on my 02, yes it handles like crap compared to the new ones (even with the offset clamps and revalve) but its a tractor off the line..

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