2010 Yz

Thats why yamaha is losing 2 stroke loyalists. Same bike

uggg :busted: at least parts will be avil for awhile

they are some ugly looking bng. 08 alot look better

they are some ugly looking bng. 08 alot look better

Thats funny cuz i actually agree with you

They didn't even write up a different paragraph about it on the Model page!

And its not available til Feb!

look at it again at least one thing changed the price.

yz125 went up $ 291

yz250 up $ 391

yz85 up $341

Left over '09 model's rebadged as 2010 models probably yamaha suck's big phat donkey D! Well I gotta say thanks to yama at least I don't want a new bike now. :busted:

And its not available til Feb!
Those new decals are still in R&D I bet. (The reason for the Feb ETA) Oh well, Gas Gas and Husky sales will increase now.

atleast they are still making it someone has to compete with ktm in the two stroke battle and when i go on ktms website it doesnt have much info on what they changed to their bikes. and look the yz85 didnt get much different either so atleast its still around

What a suprise... Its Exactly the same :busted:



$400 charge for wiping the dust off last years stock.

i really though it would have gotten the newer swing arm like the yzf got last year but i guess not.

Fine , atleast you can still buy it. I really scored on my new 08 YZ!

I'm kinda glad that its the same bike because its still one of the best bikes you can buy anywhere. What happens if they make it ugly like the new 250F? I like the current design because it works very well. Plus, there's a ton of aftermarket parts to be had easily.

New plastic or graphics doesn't make it any faster.

Tell me, anyone, what's wrong with the current YZ250.

It's still a great bike, would have been cool to see some upgrades, but at least it's still around. Maybe next year? lol.

Yes the bike still rules!

2-strokes still rule!!

Also guys, change just for the sake of change = Obama. Sorry to add the political post, but, that is what can happen.

Tell me, anyone, what's wrong with the current YZ250.

nothing. but they could have updated the suspension or something. I'm just going to buy a 09 to save $400 and help clear the floor the the new stock of 09's... oops I mean 010's

but it does make it easy because I can just take everything off my 06 and paste it onto it with no problem.

You can't put money in a bike that doesn't sell, but less people want to buy a bike that doesn't change. Welcome to the death of Yamaha 2 strokes

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