Weber Lake campground/Tomahawk trail

A gaggle of us WI folk are heading over to ride the Tomahawk system the weekend of Sep 19/20. Is the Weber Lake campgound still open? I had heard the MI DNR was closing some of the state forest campgrounds (like the one we used by Bass Lake trail). I'd hate to drive 10 hours only to find the durn thing closed!

I've got some dispersed permits, but I jusy can't get enough of those fancy pit toilets:lol:

Looks like it

its not on the list

Not sure what time of the year they close down for the winter though. But you should be good for your trip I would think.

Otherwise there is a great spot or 2 to camp on Peet road. Just to the west of the Peet/wilderness road split there is a clearing. And a little east of that split on Peet is another clearing. Both are great spots to rough camp.

it's open again this year. last year was closed. we'll be up there the same weekend. just look for a hundred ohio plates in camp. i have a 530 exc stop in and say hey. tim

:busted: Hundred?

We'll have Il, WI, MI and I think a crew from IN showing up. About a dozen overall.

Sounds like a good weekend to stay out of the woods with all the crazy tourists converging on us!:busted:

it's our tourist dollars that pay for mich. to keep tearing up i-75:lol: :busted:

on the bright side , it is a pretty nice hwy. now:thumbsup:

^ Aww, I was just messin' with you guys!:banana: I'm delighted that people come from all over to ride our trails. Actually, I'm very proud of the trails and riding opportunities we have here in MI. What we have may not be gnarly and hard like Idaho or Colorado has, but most everyone says that our trails are "fun" and I can't disagree!:busted:

Hope you all have a great time and take lots of pictures!:thumbsup:

the connector trails to get to the trails are better than

anything we have in ohio. no wonder we drive 5 hours

to go riding. keepup the great work on those trails!!!!

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