It's Here...the 2010 YZ450F

every dealer i have called has already sold every bike they got... anyone know where to get one in southern califonia??

did you try john burr in fontana?

did you try john burr in fontana?

no, do they have one?

I own a 2010 KTM 450, I got to do 2 laps on a 2010 YZ450f while in CA for the World Vet race last w/e. I'm glad that I got the KTM.... thats all I'll say...(-;

I was leaning towards the YZF or KTM, I am also interested in your comparison between the two. Thanks BTW what is the curb weight of the SXF? Thanks

I'd say the 2010 yamaha is a great bike, there is nothing really wrong with it. However, The KTM has a better motor, way better brakes, steer's better, the suspension between the 2 is pretty close, elec start is way cool too. Yes, the Yam does flick from turn to turn, but you can feel the weight when coming straight into a corner. The fun factor is way big on the KTM , gunning by other riders on the straight's and then out braking the other's coming into the corners is too much fun...

Throw on a different pipe and maybe the YZ motor will wake up . Of course its not a bad motor unless a KTM is around....(-;

Yamaha of Cucamonga just got a 2010 YZ 450f in white. The thing is totally bad A$$

doug dubach had applied 20mm on his at the vet nats, so prolly some truth to the cornering issue................brand new there gonna be some bugs..........ktm wins it this year.........wouldnt that be a headturner

omg guys. its totally worth every penny. i just have been riding it on the tarmac and wow. rode it back to back with my 06 which has a ported head and cams and a 13.75 cp race piston with only 2 rings and the 2010 destroys it. goin out tomorrow morning will post pics in the morning and a ride report in the evenin. the tuner is sweet too. i love it. my buddy jack garrabrant thats a fast A rider here in socal rode it and the one word out of his mouth was wow. so where gonna go try it out on our rut track.
worth every penny after a parking lot test:lol::smirk::lol:
maybe just me or due to the sand, but this video isn't all that impressive and the engine seems corked.

If that looks corked to you then, then i wanna see the uncorked version, the accelleration out of the turns was impressive, at about 2:15 you can here the bike labor some coming out of the corner but its still a rocket ship coming out of the corner

at about 2:15 you can here the bike labor some coming out of the corner but its still a rocket ship coming out of the corner

Yea, there were some glimpses of HP for sure.

doug dubach had applied 20mm on his at the vet nats, so prolly some truth to the cornering issue................brand new there gonna be some bugs..........ktm wins it this year.........wouldnt that be a headturner

Man, IF KTM wins it this year you will find me in the shed hanging from a rope :smirk:

That is a mid range power house for sure.....down a long soft sand straight and airing out the front end on demand..........listen to the motor...hauling as and not screaming way cool.

My dealer told me that mine is available next week...yes:ride::smirk:


wheather it be orange,red,green,yellow or blue that wins I will still get the blue. Different strokes for different folks is what I always say. i doesnt matter to me if the YZ is the slowest of them all I will still get it.

one thing for sure is that it cant turn no worser than my 06. I,m not a pro rider that is making millions of dollars each year so it isnt really a big deal to me.

i would rather have a devil I know than a devil I dont know.

well the bike was sick today at milestone havent been riding the track as of lately but just took some time to get use to the you can turn and move around on the bike. its really snappy and it engine breaks really gnarly i think that will go away once the motor has been through some more heat cycles. but boy does it turn. and its very easy to keep the bike controlled while drifting it around corners. it stay very planted in the ruts too. had to make some clicker adjustments and bar movements and adjust tire pressure but other than that it was sweet. and the parking lot test was just as fun as riding today so please shut it. im just giving you my point of veiw. also got to see so mags out there riding the 2010 honda 250 and they look pretty sick aswell as a 2010 yz250f. the only thing is that with the programmer im gonna try to make the powerband move to more mid to top. it has alot of bottom for a stock bike. the bike puts the power down too alot less spinning then when rode back to back with my buddys 08 crf450. will post a better review just gettin late



oh and the bike does turn. but the wa the bike is al set up is what you have to get use too. it took me 5 laps then i adjusted everything. and then i rode for another 15 or so laps and finally understood how to ride it the throttle was alittle trick but after you understand the bike its sweet. just a different beast not the norm if you get what im saying. you cant just do 2 laps and be nope not for me. gotta learn the bike then your golden. and with the throttle response you can lug it a gear higher alot of the time and shift less.

Nice work projectDIRT, That is a good initial report and it seems like all good news for Yamaha buyers. I am hanging out for mine, great to see some pics too man. thank you :smirk:

Nice report! Hows your feelings about that front fender?

i wonder about that abrupt throttle response. kinda makes it sound like the snappiness of the 2stroke kind. I wonder if some dealers are throwing in the computer tuner with the bike or you have to buy it seperate.

cause if the bike is that abrupt at the bottom i will defentily want to remap it to a milder response on the bottom and hit more around the middle.

Nice report PD.

Nice to finally see a report from a regular guy that has ridden the bike.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts about the new bike.

oh and the frint fender is kind of wierd it looks mean as hell though like its always in attack. but really wide it was wierd to get use to. but one thing with all the lines in it it makes it very solid. like when mud got collected it didnt do the fender dance. which was cool. im very pleased with the purchase and yes the ktm is also a great bike i realy dont think you can go wrong with any of the bikes this year. im just a yamaha guy but the next one on my list would be a kaw or honda ktm shit is like double the jap bikes and it takes like 3 weeks for anyone to get the crap. oh and my buddy who went riding with me 319 jack garrabrant hes a local pro he rode it in the pits right when we got there to go get a pump when he got up to the guys truck and had the pump he had it in his clutch hand and stalled the bike and layed it oer holy **** was it funny. when he came back his face was white from shock and was like dude i just layed this thing over and bent your lever. lol


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