320 rotoris it to thick for stock claiper

I have recently bought the 320 conversion kit from wheeling cycle supply and it seems that this rotor is to thick for my S calipers. I have done a complete s to sm conversion and I only have the brake left to do. Can anyone tell me if this rotor is to thick for my stock caliper and stock pads. Any help on how to install would be great. Thanks and I hope that I get some responses cause im lost.......

Not being an a$$....but did you push the piston back into the bore?

I think the S and SM use the same front caliper (they use the same pads at least), so I think you should be able to get it to work. Did you push the pistons back into the caliper a bit?

Like the others said, you need to widen the gap between the pads by pressing the cylinder into the bore. I use a big screw driver to gently do it, just be careful not to damage the pads.

I found that when I installed my 320mm rotor, the caliper wouldn't slide over when the pads were installed. Figured out that I needed to install the pads AFTER I had slid it over the rotor and before I bolted up the caliper. It's kind of a pain, but it is a very small price to pay to have better brakes.

Install the rotor, then install wheel.

Before putting the pads in, slide caliper over the rotor and don't bolt in place yet.

Install pads, be patient, it's kind of a pain. (Make sure that you have the pistons pushed in all the way before you install the pads)

Once you have pads installed, then bolt caliper in place.

Ta-da! Done

I did mine like Ryan, but I preinstalled the outside pad before slipping the wheel in then slid the inside pad into place after getting the rotor in the caliper.

I just kinda looked at fast but it seemed like the pads were pushed all the way in. Does it matter if you drain the brake fluid

Draining the fluid isn't necessary.

Is it the Braking wavey disc from Forrest? I have the same on my SM, the disc is approx 2mm thicker than the oe disc.

I had this same issue when I was installing mine. After lightly working it a bit with a screw driver, all of a sudden it clicked into place and was able to fit the caliper on.

Not sure if I should start a new thread or not, but since this one is on sm rotors then I have a question. I am converting my s to an sm as well and im having a hell of a time doing it:banghead: !! Well the front end is done so far and I am having trouble with the rotor spinning freely through the caliper. It is as it should be but then it gets pretty hard then easy and on and on. I am using all stock 07 sm parts and putting them on my 07 s. I tried to loosen clamps on axle to align and Im just not sure whats going on. I am using stock caliper with the sm rotor because it had more break pad left, Could it be that the pads from s need to conform to the new sm rotor? Rotor doesn't look bent at all but if it was it would probably be so minor I couldn't tell anyways. Any tips or suggestions? Maybe there is something else I shouldve done? Any help would be much appreciated. Gonna start the swing arm and rear end tomorrow, Any tips on that? Thanks.:busted:

I'd start by replacing the pads. Generally its not a good idea to swap rotors without swapping pads.

Okay, here was what the problem was. The stock s caliper does not have enough clearance for a 320mm rotor even with the sm forks. Because of this the edge of the rotor was hitting the caliper. All I did was swap the sm caliper mount to the other half of the stock s caliper and wa la.....Done! Perfect. Can't believe I didn't notice that last night. Hope this helps someone else who is doing the same thing.

The S caliper wasn't the problem, you were just trying to mount it to the SM fork with the wrong bracket.

Exactly. Had to switch bracket from the sm caliper to the s caliper. Pads and caliper from my s were in better condition than the sm.

How do you like the SM fork vs the S fork?

I'm having the same issue with my Drive Systems USA 320 Rotor Conversion. It seems to rub the caliper even without pads. Been consumed with the Corvette so really havn't tried to figure it out. I will post up pics once I have another look at it.

The S caliper wasn't the problem, you were just trying to mount it to the SM fork with the wrong bracket.

Ill let you know on wed. when I finish.:busted:

Mine rubs the inside of the caliper. No pads in and it rubs. Wonder if I got a bad relocator bracket???? It's like it is too thick.

Whats the brand and part number on the caliper relocation bracke??

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