Question about Wheels and air filter

I have a spare wheel set for 2008, Will it fit on a 09 or 10 model ? CRF450

Also I have a set of PC foot pegs for the 08, Will it fit the 09 or 10 model


Last Question: I know they changed the air box on the 09,

Will my 08 filters fit ?

I have 8 of them.


wheels for the CRF are all interchangeable. 02-10

Dont know about the pegs. Look at the mounting points or check PC's website see if they list them as fitting or different part numbers


Looking to get a 2010.

For the wheels you may need your spacer/disk cover, but not sure. As far as I know, that is the only difference.

For the foot pegs, I have not heard or tried.

I have the PC pegs on an '09. According to PC they are the same as the '08 pegs.

Good luck.

Pegs and wheels will fit. As someone else said you'll need to use your front wheel spacer (on the disk side) from your 08 wheel. Other then that it's all slip on and ride.



Air filter is NOT interchangeable !!!!!!

Your old filters, are now just that, old filters, they won't fit.

My 2003 Pro Circuit Pegs are on my 2008, but don't know about 09' & 10'

Thanks for the info.

I will give the filters to the buyer. along w/the extra plastic.

Humm, what else won't fit the 2010 ?

Just about everything else won't fit the 09/10 besides the bars, wheels, pegs and mounts.

Almost nothing is interchangeable... completely different bike.

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