Tire choice particular to New England

I am looking for input for tire choice particular to New England trails-roots,rocks and mud. What have you had good luck for wear and function. I visit my brother-in-law Cary once a year or so on a KLX300 I have there for one usually rooty,rocky mud-bog ride. Hope to ride Hancock 2010!:busted:

DOT or non-DOT?

How many miles do you need to get out of it?

Do you finesse the throttle and just give it what it needs, or is the gas all-on or off for you?


The Pirelli Scorpion XCMS is a great rear tire for mud and rocks. It's not D.O.T. and wears fast on the slab but I buy dirt tires for dirt riding.

Here's a picture on mine with only 25% of the tread left in the middle. It still had no trouble in the mud holes. It doesn't have one single chunk in the side knobs either, when the front side knobs were completely chunked off from the rocks.


I've been running Terraflex 150's with great results. It is even DOT approved.

I have to keep up with my manic brother-in-law so its on the throttle and the bike has plates but I am really looking for the best tire for those conditions!Thanks-(reply to Dave)

I love the Kenda Trakmaster II's on my KLX. DOT and VERY nice in the new England MR&R (Mud, roots and rocks:))

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