05 450sx problem

hey everyone...noob here so go easy no me..

I have an 05 450sx and i took it out over the weekend...The bike ran great the whole weekend until I noticed an oil leak on the top of the gearbox cover on the kick start side...i then realized that I was low on oil...I only had ridden the bike one ride after i changed the oil so I didn't think it would be THAT low..

So, i added oil until I saw the oil show in the little window behind the rear brake lever (I added till it was half way full in the window)

We then went on a ride and it ran fine for about an hour but on the way back it started blowing smoke out the exhaust real bad...I was on my way back to camp so I figured I could make it but then it started acting like I was hitting a rev limiter in every gear...It was just cutting out really sparatically. I shut it off and got towed back to camp..It is still running but not very good..

Does anyone know exactly how much oil my bike takes? in qt's or liter's?? I THOUGHT I should just fill till I saw the oil in the window but I'm thinking that either there is something wrong with my bike or I added too much oil...

Thanks for the patience,


if it is the same as my 06

it is 1.2litres.

One thing is to have a leak of oil in your gasket, and another to have oil smoke coming out of your exhaust.

Oil leak just change the gasketor torck the screws, then if the problem is the oil in the exhaust it is probably your valve guides so you will need a top end job.

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