2010 Yamaha YZ450F

Very innovative bike thats for sure.

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:busted: ok, no more question...

This is so far the things that are changed related to suspension.

Reduced offset to 22mm .

Front 10mm longer stroke.

New seals in front.

New pistonrod in front.

Larger gasreservoir.

50mm piston.

Rear suspension reengineered with the shock in the center off the bike where the old airbox was.

Anyone hear anything moore, please let us know.

:busted: ok, no more question...

Yeah, the fork cutaway fooled me for a sec.......:thumbsup:

Yeah, the fork cutaway fooled me for a sec.......:busted:
I was going to ask until I saw your post... It's the fork bushing that gives the illusion of two springs. I first thought the one on top was bigger for a sec...

how the hell do you change the air cleaner?

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