Blue Ridge Parkway & Gravel

So, I live within 10-15 minutes of Balsam gap & Soco Gap parkway access. In my riding & driving around on it, I've seen MANY gravel roads heading here and there off the BRP. I've been hunting for information on what these roads are and where they go. Anybody have any resources about these gravel roads heading off the parkway?



NO, but I was wondering hte same thing when I rode the length of it a month ago. There are a hundred dirt roads going off it from Southern VA and in NC, and it looks like it would be a ball to just take off down many of them and let 'er rip :busted: On a dual sport that is, not my FZ :thumbsup:

If I ever buy a Dual-sport, I just might take it upon my self to find out. That or put Distinzias or Scorpions on my Monster 750 and do it anyway :busted: ~


Hey just a side note, there are tons of police up there now, I don't go much over the speed limit up there anymore on Suzuki...

Yea, they're around more it seems, I've been behaving since 2003 when one had a chat about speed and even gave me a ride off the parkway :busted::thumbsup:


Yeh, I was expecting a ride off, or a more severe scolding my my 80 in a 45 on our ride, in VA. He must've been having a good day...just wrote me up for $250 :busted:

National Geographic has some great maps of the area. They show every goat trail around, if it's ever had a number assigned to it.

Local, state or Federal. I buy mine at the NOC, but they're available online, I've been told.


I just brought the Delorme Atlas and Gazetteer of North Caroilna dosn`t really show anything a waste of money :busted:

I have ridden curtis creek road up near black mountain and can tell you that you can make loops out of these things. And, I had a KTM 625 that was the best at that kind of road; sick actually. Its what the bike was intended for. Now, unfortunately I sold it and have a Honda 450x not legal. Thats the bad news. The good news is i picked up a replacement for the KTM, a 950 adventure. The question is will it be as good at powersliding around the corners and can i keep it on the road. Cant wait to find out!!!

PS Tennessee has even more of these that turn into trails and are even better.

I explored some of those roads on the DRZ while I was up there in June and am headed straight for 'em the next time I go up.

You can find stuff like this everywhere up there, not just along the BRP. There are a few that parallel the Cherohala that are interesting......

Thanks for all the input, I've got a NG map of the Pisgah Forest 276 & NC215. I'll have to check it out good. It helped me nearly get my Dakota stuck in search of a waterfall off of 215 :busted:


People with GPS say this is good for the old roads and trails although its not available anymore .

I have heard of the RnR and how hard it is to find now.

I live near the BRP.

Between Floyd and Bedford VA is what I'm familiar with.

I have yet to look at the National Geographic maps.

I really need to find a good map of the DS roads around here.

I use GPSvisualizer sometimes.

You have to upload a GPS file to make it work.

Check out the USGS aerial+G view in google maps.


I checked out NGmaps and found this TOPO! Explorer beta

Special right now ->Buy Topo! Explorer along with 25 map credits for $24.95

I guess/hope these maps would upload to a gps.

Edit: 20 min later, more impressed. I looked at a DS riding area that I had been researching on other online map sites. Topo! Explorer had more info than all of them imo!

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