how hot should an rmz 250 get

Just bought an rmz 250 07 and noticed the header pipe gets hot pretty quick and the water in the rad gets warm after about 3-4 mins on idle.

Is this normal for a 250f or am I just being a nevous nelly.

Come from 125 2-strokes which took ages to feel heat in the rads.

yeah thats normal buddy

We just got a brand new 2008 rmz 250. I happened to have a point and shoot thermometer in my truck so I shot the head, the exhaust (at the bend in the header) and the cylinder.

cylinder = 175 degrees F

head = 160 degrees

Header = a whopping 450 degrees

radiator = 130 degrees

So there ya have it

Those digital thermometers are at the chinese tool stores for about 30 bucks


Yeah man my RMZ gets hot super quick, I definately know what you mean I remember the times on my 125's feeling like im sitting there for 10 minutes waiting for it to warm up.

Thanks guy's, put my mind at rest.

Thought I'd bought a bike with an overheat problem.:busted:

When I first got my 08 I wasn't sure about this either. The local shop here told me warm up a 250 2st for 3-4mins on the stand and it will be good to ride. Warm up a 250 4st like this and your coolant will be on the floor!

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