04 525 EXC or 03 525 SX...thoughts?

So KTMTalk and me are having some difficulties getting me registered up... So I post here to inquire whilst I wait... Have an opportunity at these two bikes:

04 KTM 525 EXC. Comes with dirt tires, and some trick goodies (steering damper, other stuff I can't see in the 2" pictures on my phone).

03 KTM 525 SX. Comes with dirt and street tires/wheels/brakes.

Both have lights and street titles, both for roughly the same price (though the EXC is firm, and the SX is OBO). Those with KTM knowledge: thoughts on either?

I'm gonna try the CRF450R I just bought out at NJMP-Thunderbolt later this month, but I'm thinking so far that the bike probably isn't what I was looking for. I think I'm looking for something to tool around town on, woods/trails, hit up a local mx track just to screw around sometimes...a sumo track track day next year...and maybe not so much a road course bike. Something that's all-around good, but not great at anything - I'm not looking to race; ride-hard-put-away-wet reliability is a higher concern.

Any thoughts about either bike?

What are the odds that a set of Excel wheels I have for the CRF can be made to fit that EXC? Would that require entirely different hubs, or just spacers or something? I believe the Excel's are stock hubbed right now...

I read something online (which of course is gospel!) equating the CRF to the SX, saying that both were considerably more race-oriented...truth?

I would think the tranny in the EXC would be more versitile. Good luck.:busted:

Has the gearbox been upgraded to 6 speed on the SX??? It came as a 4 speed and was nearly useless off track so we commonly change them to 6.

EXC is a far more versitle bike

The '03 525sx came with a VERY lightweight crank. The power will be very abrupt compared to the '04 exc. They only made the 525sx like that for one year. If the '03 has the 6 spd.; go for it. If not; get the exc.

The sx really only works well on the track. It can be a handfull in tight offroad riding.

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