Oil Cooler question

I just bought another 09 last week from a friend and the bike came with an oil cooler. It mounts to the radiator and has fittings welded into the extra clutch side engine case that he gave me with it too. It's a really good looking part and looks pretty factory, but idk where he got it or anything. Does anybody know who all makes these kits? He was an MTF rider and the bike it came off was a Pro Circuit mod bike but I can't find any PC markings on it and I can't find any on their web site. He also has had some PR2 bikes too so I'm not really sure, but it could have came from them too. I really just wanna know what the heck it's worth.... I thought those things were pretty expensive.

Well i think m2r was the only company to sell oil coolers and the were not realy that good looking. Procircuit makes oil coolers but not for sale to the public to my knoledge. I would be intrested in it if you want to sell it since the case must be drilled and tapped to get it to work. Plus you need to weld brackets on the radiator to get it to mount correctly.

Btw the m2r might be the company that made them i know it started with an m. Anyways good luck.

As i stated before tue cases must be split to onstall this then drilled then tapped and cleaned.

PWR just started making them for the Kawi's. They are about 900 dollars. There website is http://www.pwr-performance.com.

I'm pretty sure the cases don't have to be split, and it can be mounted to the radiator with some special type of zip ties. The clutch cover has already been drilled out and the fittings go into the top of where the oil filter is and the other goes in by the bottom. I'll try to get some pics on here. It looks a lot like the ones that I used to see in the spy photos for outdoors ab 2 years ago.

post some pics!!!




There we go. finally got some pics.

so has anyone seen one of these before? or have any idea who makes it?

Well No, its not procircuit. It looks like just some things someone tossed togther and did them self. as far as the brand of the air/oil cooler that could be a mystory. Sorry.

I my self do not like the ideah of that hose being in the position it is in. Its easy to kick that or for something to happen should you drop the bike. Which inturns means massive oil loss and potential catrostopic engine failure.

The Procircuit design is simular to this



Looks like a Chevy truck power steering cooler ha ha

Here is PCs cooler


that is a PR2 oil cooler

Thats what I figured it was since I had seen a PR2 oil cooler that looked a lot like it on a Suzuki.

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