Got a YZ400F

Well after watching this site for awhile and hearing all the great reviews of the YZ426 I finally went and looked at one. After riding it I knew I wanted one. The motor absolutely rips, plenty of low end, mid and top, it's perfect. I've been on a 95 KDX200 for about a year and it was definetly limited as far as power and suspension. The YZ400F is just awesome though. I went and looked at a 98 and it was a great looking bike and had been maintained well and I picked it up on the spot. It's pretty much stock except for an O-ring chain, moose sprocket, and the Dunlop 756 tires. But I've been on two rides so far and both have been awesome and I'm getting used to the new 4 stroke power delievery. Today I took a pretty hard spill though and need new bars and clutch and decomp levers, any recomendations for bars? Anyway, here's some pics of the bike that I took,

I paid $2900 for it, does this sound pretty reasonable?




98 YZ400F

Sold my '98 400F a few months ago for $3750, looks like you got a good deal!

Mort, now is the perfect time to invest in some excellent upgrades. You should buy an Applied top triple clamp, Pro-taper bars, and a Flanders clutch/compression combo lever setup. It's all on one perch, just like the XR650R.

hey, i just bought about the same thing, 98 yz400, i paid $3250, the bike had about 5 hours on it, all stock with original tires in great shape, i think the guy bought it,got off and never road it again, musta scared him, the power is awsome, the suspention is a little stiff but ive been slowly ajusting the screws, the only thing that is a pain in the ass so to speak,is the seat, that baby is like a rock, talk about monkey butt, i got the soft seat foam from gutts, should be much better on the next ride, everything else is great, starts easy and runs great, the guys that used to have to wait for me are now behind me,this bike is just to much fun and im not beat when i get back to the truck, i think ill ride it for a couple years and order a new 250f from canada, that way there wont be any hassle with the green sticker, by the way, the DMV gave me a green sticker then a couple days later the sent me a letter in the mail saying they issued me the wrong sticker and i should come back in and get the right sticker, unfortunetly i dont think im gona be able to make it into the DMV untill at least Nov 1st, Beach

Just a thought. Some of the stiffness of the rear suspension may be attributed to swing arm grease or lack there of. My friend bought a used '98 with low hours and the back end was hard as a rock as compared to my '99. We took apart the rear and found no grease, I mean none!!! The long bolts all needed to be punched out with difficulty and then cleaned, scrubbed, steel wooled etc. The difference after lubing was night and day. I would also do a complete change of fork oil and clean cartridge and rod as they can get gummed up easily and cause a sticky front end. Depending on your weight and type of riding, stock spring weights may be inappropriate for you.

Good luck, Keith.

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