Getting Back INTO Riding

Been out of riding for 12 years wanted to know some opinions on the Suzuki DR's verses Yamaha WR's. I have been looking at both and cant figure the better bike. I used to ride a DR 250 in enduro races and consider myself to be an agressive driver. :)

The dr is heavier, slower. It's a trail bike first. The wr is an Mx'er first. Dr, soft and smooth. Wr, firm and rowdy. Dr, slightly overweight girl next door. Wr, swimsuit model who can kick serious but. Depends on what kind of riding you plan on doing. Just trail riding at a sight seer pace? Get the Dr. The WR is pretty serious when uncorked. You can trail ride it, or, you can rip on it. It's taller, much more aggro. If you want to go fast, both bikes are good. The WR just has the potential to go much faster. For the average rider, riding average trails it pretty much boils down to trailside brag factor. :):D

Dog ,try to make this very subjective topic as objective as possible. Both are great bikes,very reliable with a huge and loyal owner group.Depending on your riding style one may serve you better long term.

Decide what type of riding and with whom you are going to be doing for the next riding season. Seek out tests and comparisons(read up around here) and most important try and ride both bikes under trail conditions. I have seen folks ride both bikes to the extreme.

What ever you choose remember its all fun. :)

Go for the blue. Even stock it's a winner. :)

Not for the lack of trying, I haven't been able to saddle my WR yet, but have rode the DR at work. I agree with the above. When the wife said I could buy a bike as long as she got one too, I had rode everything but a Yami. After 4 months of research I decided a Yami was the winner. I like a Honda XR, but for power vs weight, it blows. The WR450 weighs near the same as a 98 XR250, but has more to offer. The ONLY thing I am leary about at all is the fact that I trail ride, and I have nightmares about sticking a branch through the radiator. I am currently planning on buying guards before I ride (if ever).

A lot has to do with ergos, I am 6'3" and 200, so KTM's don't work well, the CRF is more moto and RUMORED not to have as much engine braking (so clutch hand could get tired in trees), and the DR is a boat on narrow and steep trails.

Good luck.

Also, if you decide to buy the DR/KLX, the aftermarket is huge. Those forks are saweeeet. I had them on my last RM and I loved them (my opinion,no hate mail please). :)


You are living in a very nice place to ride. I go up there at least 5-6 times in the summer!! There is a very nive little trail called the gilsonite trail. Try it! You will love it!! Hope you like to ride rocks though!

For the other question:

I was in the same quandry. I made up my mind by using the following logic. If I just rode trails would either bike disappoint me? Answer: NO

If I decided to race some Hares and Enduros would either bike disappoint me? Answer Yes,(to me) It would take a bit more cash to make the DRZ race ready. With the WR, I just have to show up with enough guts to twist the throttle.

I just convinced my best friend to buy a DRZ. He is not going to be reacing this bike. He rides trails only.

just my offense to the DRZ boys...that suzy is a great ride.



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