kx fuel valve

is there a fuel valve that will fit my 94 KX250 that is equipped with a reverve function ?

There is only one hole in the bottom of the tank, so that may not work. I am not sure. I know on a KDX, there are two holes, one with a taller entrance than the reserve setting.

would it be as simple as adding an additional hole?

I doubt there is room. Search for Pingel. They make on-off valves.

Got a kdx fuel valve on mine just drill a hole.It should already be marked.

super, what year model kdx valve?

what year is your bike

Look for 95 and up they should be easy to find,I think they are about $40.00.Dont forget about a new gasket.My bike is a 2000 Kx125 with 200 KDX engine.

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