2009 Valve Springs in 2009

I have a guy that wants me to put 2009 valve springs in his 2008 KX250F. They are very different springs. Has anyone tried this?

Spring strength has to do with cam profile or steel valves(floating).I don't know the differance between the 08-09 cams or how much more radical one is from the other.Normally if you run a super radical cam(more than Kawi's) You need stonger springs & lifter buckets.

Why does he want to run the 09 springs anyway? I would cross referance the two part numbers.Maybe the 09 spring number supercedes the 08 number and there is no differance. IDKNW?

If he's trying to stop valve float using heavier springs I would wonder about the buckets to.Or stay off the limiter.

The word is the valvetrain on the 09 is much more reliable than the 08. I'm holding a set of both in my hand right now. The exhaust springs are very close to the same but the intake springs are much wider. I'll probably just stick with some 08 springs.

Didn't they change the valves in 09/ idknw, longer/ skinnier/ wider Not sure. Does the 09 head fit on a 08.I mighta read it doesn't.There was alot of changes on the 09

I'm pretty sure the 08 and 09 use the same valve springs and retainers.

Our spring kit is actually the same for all year KXF 250's.

The 08 and 09 heads will not interchange. The oil passages are in different locations. In 2009 they did increase the margin thickness on the valves, otherwise valves are the same and will interchange 2004 though 2009. The intake valve springs were changed in 2007. The outside diameter of the spring is larger on the later models. The intake guides changed in 2007 also.

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