Boysen Power X wing

I saw an ad in a magazine advertising the Boysen Power X Wing, and I was just wondering if anyone has used this product.


Do not waste your money. Properly jet your carb instead.

I guess that means you never noticed any gains?

You cannot makes a carb smaller and expect it to have more top end. Any performance issues elsewhere should be resolved with proper jetting. These gimmicks only mask poorly jetted carbs. Jet the carb right, set up the AP instead.

30+ years of working on engines, these things have been around in variuos incarnations. Really should be criminal. Want a turbonator?

I think it is a matter of your definition of what works ie what are you trying to achieve in tuning.

If it is more peak power then I would agree with Williaim1. Don't waste your money and focus on jetting.

If your goal is smoother power off of the bottom increased velocity is one techniquie for getting there with the price of some sacrifice on top end and the use of complex needles in tuning.

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