New bike falls on its face!

Just got a new 07 in a crate, did the search , looks like im opening the air box, ordered a JD kit, but want more power need an exhaust looks like its yoshi or fmf? i want more bottom end snap! will do the cam later, whats a good starting point with the jet kit? 1,160 feet

The JD Jetting kit will come with detailed instructions that will answer your question.

do you mind if i ask what you paid? I got my '07 three months ago for 4800. Not sure if I got my pants pulled down on the deal or not.

5000usd no you did pritty good

I got a new 06 last year for $4300 otd.

I got a new 06 last year for $4300 otd.

So did I...$4300 out the door for a new 2006.

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