fork break in fluid?

my (every?) 09 KX450 arrived with KYB01 fluid.

Yesterday I did the first service on a 04 CRF450 fork, it was filled with the glue-like break in fluid, it has an about 4-times higher viscosity than KYB01.

I remember my 99 KX250 was also filled with honey, so it seems it doesn't depend on if it's a showa or kayaba.

are the days of this glue over now? was there are system which forks came with it? :busted:

the 08 yz 250 comes with the glue fork oil.

might be assembly lube! Is it clear?

its possible that the forks are assembled using this stuff and the oil mixes with it once that happens it upps the viscocity or the fork oil????

:busted: hmm, hardly to imagine.

I rather guess it's the cheapest crap you can buy on earth or a waste product of their production line. :thumbsup:

most people know they should change the fork oil after a few rides - no problem then. but there are some guys they don't know - like the one who gave me his fork after riding it the whole season...

Most people don't service there suspension at apropreat intervals. Either cost or lazyness get in the way. You should see some of the motors I get to work on:bonk: If you try to explane to these guys that if they would only clean there air filters and change their oil they wouldn't need there valves replaced and adjusted all the time they just look at you like your crazy. I wish I could get them too understand the days of the xr are over.

dirt bikes have an air filter? :busted:

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