What bike to buy help!!!!!!

I'm 5'6 and 125 pounds I currently ride a CRF100 that is way to small for me. I mostly do trail riding. What would be a good bike for me. Would a yz125 be good?:busted:

yea a yz125 or ktm 200

Almost everyone here will say to get a 125 but, a 125 needs so much clutch work it wear the clutch out. If I was riding mostly trails and was not racing any MX I know I'd get a 200 xc or exc. The 200 is going to have so much better low end grunt it isn't funny...

are you guys serious?

what doest a crf100 have? 5 horses?

the ktm 200 has like 40 AND its a 2 stroke.

gearing you will have no probi have an rm125 and use it exclusively for trail riding. with the right gearing you will have no problem in the woods. a 200 2t would be even better! or a 250 4t if you have the money.

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