Directed Inject 2-Stroke... when

I have done a bit of reading that KTM is commited to 2-stroke development and that Directed Inject 2-strokes are being worked on.

Has anybody heard this or have some inclination of how far away a production Direct Injected 2 stroke is from the market?


From the knowledge I have gathered (and I openly admit that my knowledge is rather, no, very limited) it seems that the problem with DI is lubrication.

Several years ago, when out board motors made the push to DI 2 strokes because of EPA rules, the manufacturers all got slammed with bad reps as their engines began to literally blow up. Reason is, with out DI, the oil travels up the entire chamber with the gas, lubing everything. DI shoots gas in from the top but the oil still comes in from the bottom, without the two being mixed, the oil doesn't disperse like it should and cover everything adequately enough.

Yamaha did something to the piston head itself, tappering it at several different angle points (or something like that), so while the oil gets pushed up, it falls into the gaps of the piston and gets evenly spread to the top.

That is my very basic understanding to the biggest woe of a DI system.

The second woe, is starting. DI systems have to be pressurized. When first starting a bike, it would take several cranks before the bike would want to start. Hard to explain...

I dug up a link that gave me a lot of info, I'm sure it will explain things much better than I can. Enjoy.

do a search on here and ktmtalk as it has been discussed a billion times over the last few years. you should get enough material to last you for months. :busted:


MXJunky's here to tell you now, each and every mama's son. Ya better loin it fast, ya better loin it young, cause somedaeay never comes...

Thanks for the info!

I'm riding a Kawasaki klx450 at the moment which I do enjoy, but I am thinking of switching to a ktm 300 xcw for maintenance reasons. If reliable DI 2 stroke is a while away, it might be worth trading in sooner than later.

That Ski-Doo has DI. It's a successful production model isn't it?

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