PITA Countershaft Oil Leak

So one sunny day, riding my bike around the yard after installing a new e-batt, I notice oil being flung all over the place. Obviously I kill the engine to investigate and find that oil is absolutely pouring from the countershaft sprocket. Hooray I say, secretly cursing my bike, yet again.

So I tear it down, replace thesprocket with a new KXF unit from TAG, and also replace the metal collar, o-ring beneath it, and the outer oil seal that surrounds the metal collar. I finally get it back together, top it off with a fresh oil change, fire it up and whaddya know? Freakin oil. Everywhere. :busted:

So what do you guys think? I am noticing the countershaft moving inwards and outwards ever so slightly. I can't say if thats normal or not as I've never checked it. Its a pretty miniscule bit of play, but play nonetheless. My suspiscion is that the problem is the INNER oil seal, the orange one. Any ideas?

Also, I noticed that when the bike is in neutral, or even with the clutch pulled in, when cranking it over with the electric start the countershaft rotates. Now, the countershaft doesnt have anything on it externally, the chain, sprocket, collar, and oil seal are off of it so it is just bare, basically. But still, that doesn't seem right. I mean, if it were assembled, the bike would be turning the sprocket, chain, the whole shabang. What's up with that?

To answer your question a bit of lateral play is normal.The countershaft will rotate even if you have it in neutral and the clutch pulled in because of friction and nothing is keeping it from spinning.

Sounds to me that you screwed up when you rebuilt it,im not sure how the countershaft can have two oil seals?The collar and o-ring are really not wearing parts.A worn countershaft bearing can make a new seal weep,easy to check if its got vertical play.

My mistake, i didn't mean inner seal, but the inner collar. I really don't know what is causing the fountain of oil either. I replaced everything that is removeable without cracking the case just to have piece of mind, and still. I can see the holes on the countershaft that let the oil out once everything is removed, but they're definitely covered when its all installed. I'm lost here.

changed my oil seal around collar and casing last week, had to change twice as i pushed the first one to far in , thus not creating a sound seal against casing and collar , started bike and bang oil everywhere,so pulled out and had to do again , this time all good ,keep flush with casing

I will try that out when I get a new oil seal. I have destroyed 2 so far. I can't seem to get them out without either damaging the rubber or bending it.

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