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2009 EOS Central Oregoon MotoX Road Trip Report (Lots o Pics & Helmet Vid)

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This past week I loaded up the bikes and headed down to Central Oregon to spend some time with my family for my birthday and get in a little moto action. I had an awesome time. I got to ride four out of the seven days. Stoked. I rarely get to ride several days in a row due to family obligations, so it was quite a treat. I forgot how riding multiple days in a row does can do wonders for the skill set. By day three I was really dialed.

Day 1 GearBunny and I hit my favorite spot in Oregon that I've ridden since logging my first mile in Oregon late 2004. I’m not quite sure if I’m blowing out the spot or not, so I’ll keep the names vague since it isn't actually a 'sanctioned' ORV,or OHV as they call it in Oregon, park. Conveniently enough it's five minutes from my folks house to the unload spot..I’m particularly impressed by this as from my house in WA I generally have to drive 1.5hrs to ride.


The area is super fun, lots of random single track trails connect the forest roads. I've only been there once before in 2006, so it was a little confusing returning. Basically had to whip out the GPS and ride by memory. Took me a while to remember where the trails started, turns out there's some killer ones right from the unload spot that I didn't find till later. It didn't help that they are cutting a lot of trees down in the area, so some of the trails I remembered had changed dramatically.


Right off the bat I got us lost for a pretty good while as some forest roads would just disappear into a massive cutting of trees, or the trails just dead ended. Some roads were hella silty, kinda like riding dirt bikes in a foot of fresh powder snow. Sketchy and not so good for the lungs or the air filter. Oh yeah, it was hella dusty.


I was looking for this crazy hill climb I attempted last time I attempted was there and didn’t quite make. All I remember was these gnarly trails straight up the mountain side in this little valley at the end of one of the single track trails I rode in on.


We found this butte which sits directly across from this area I snowmobile in the winter. Pretty rad to see that stuff in the Summer, only been up there in the winter. Somehow I spaced taking any good pics of it though.. instead here's Gearbunny being stoked.


Finally found the hill climb section towards the end of ride. Gearbunny snapped a few shots, but you can't really see the climb as these are just the bottom entrances to the trails up. I didn't make it to the top, but it was hella fun trying. Pretty much a silt gutter about half way up which turned into dust white out. I got really dirty..


This is coming back down.. Yep dusty. By this time it was late afternoon and we’d done a good 40 miles, so not wanting to abuse the Grandparents on the first ride we rallied back home.

Day 2 I rode solo, hitting the spot again. Gearbunny was cooked from the day previous, so I was on a solo mission. I rarely ride solo especially since I became a dad, I tend crash pretty often. :busted: But I was on a mission as I still needed to find some other cool terrain I didn't get to hit on the first day.

I started off the ride on a nice journey down the lava flow.


Basically some couple thousand years ago there was this volcanic eruption that this created this lava flow. It's pretty crazy. Not to fun to ride on for a long time as it butchers your tires, but super cool and unique kind of place.


I eventuall found this really fun trail that ran adjacent to the lava flow for about 5 miles or so. Pretty wide open so you could mob it all 4th gear style. Something I’m not so used to given the WA tight trees 2nd gear action I usually ride. I noticed a cave showing up on my GPS so I was determined to find it. There’s all sorts of random caves out there, some just random holes in the ground that open up once you climb in.


Some miles later I was supposedly right by the cave but couldn’t find it, so I headed cross country to find it breaking off the main trail. The trees are open enough and vegetation is sparse enough that cross country is a non issue, high desert riding is so fun! The cave wasn’t obvious and I wasn’t into climbing volcanic rock the size of a VW so I doubled back on some forest roads and rallied up to the butte again to get my bearings.


Once up on the butte I noticed some serious looking hill climb trails on the valley across the way. Rallied over there to check it out and was pleasantly surprised with this sick play area, tons of different climbs, some super gnarly I wasn't about to try, but I rallied most of the trails on the main face until I started to scare myself.


One side of the play area from the bottom.


Looking down..


Climbed around some more, found more sick single track in and out of the valley, but it was getting late and I still had 10 miles or so to ride back to the truck so I split..

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Day 3 was the Edison OHV Butte ride. Edison is right up by Mt. Bachelor outside of Bend. It's pretty much just a 40 mile loop through the forest, around Bachelor and up to these two cabins. I took the snowmobile out there last winter and never made it all the way to the first cabin due to the 4ft deep powder stuck factor. I was curious to see how far I made it.


Edison is way rockier than previous days rides . Lots of sections where you gotta crawl over big Volcanic boulders and downed trees and stuff. Did I mention, lots of downed trees? Check the vid below..

Gearbunny likes Edison a lot more for the scenery and the challenge factor.


We rallied off on the route I took us snowmobiling last winter, trying to retrace our steps. Thing is in some places where the trail kind of disappears into this volcanic rubble..


So somewhere I zigged when I should've zagged and we found ourselves on the snowmobile trail right up to Mt. Bachelor. Thinking nothing off it, we rallied around this big yellow pole, following some fresh dirt bike tracks up to Mt. Bachelor.


So next thing you know, we're at the Rainbow chair. I grew up snowboarding Mt. Bachelor in the early 80’s and Rainbow was my favorite chair, so I was stoked to see it in the summer.


Followed some dirt road that wasn’t going anywhere I felt I should be, so I turned back and we rallied back out.


I thought it was kinda funny that there were 15mph curve signs in the forest.. something I’d be stoked about on the street bike maybe.


Back at the junction, I checked the map and notice this nice yellow line on the road we'd just been on, oops. Yep shouldn’t have made that last turn. Doh!


Hello OHV Boundary.


Back on track we continued our trek to the Kwolh Butte Cabin.


Kwolh Shelter is pretty epic. They have these log cabin warming huts complete with wood stoves and for snowmobiling in the winter. This one is right up behind Bachelor.. the views are to behold.


We continued on and hit up the second shelter at Sheridan Mountain, ate lunch then high speed rallied the last eight miles back to the truck. Killer day. Edison is always a good ride.

Day 4 Prospect, ORV. I was really hyped about this part of the trip. I actually ended up being the funniest part of my vacation, but not for the dirt biking. I'd read about Prospect on riderplanet.com about 2-3 years ago and have wanted to go there ever since. Supposedly its one of the top 10 places in the country to ride with some 215 miles of trails.


First off, where I come frome, I don't think you can just slap a trail sign on a road and call it a trail. :busted: Turns out most of the 'trails' were actually roads, some forest roads, but some where actually full on paved roads. Crazy talk. After 20 miles or so of riding we hadn't hit one real single track trail. From the map, I spied a black diamond single track so we hit it.


Well Gearbunny wasn't to stoked about that as her hands go numb pretty easy sometimes and it was pretty gnarly. Super boulder dash madness along a cliff side. After five miles or so, we doubled back and she gave me the finger. Sorry hon!


Yep, the BORING TRAIL. Pretty much sums it up. Spent the next 20 miles riding more boring double wide trails that seemed to go no where. We did find a cool play area, so I dumped my bike a few times and shoved as much dirt down my pants as possible. By then, it was getting really hot, do we ended up just going back to this spot on the Rogue river, swimming and drinking beer. It was hella hot and dusty anyways..


This was our choosen swimming hole on the Rouge River, supposedly one of the best Steelhead fishing spots in the country. I jumped in and my ballz crawled so far up inside me I could feel them in my throat. Coldest river I've ever been in and I done jumped in a whole hella lot of mountain rivers.

Turns out that I kinda blew it by staging at the main Prospect ORV area, guess all the good single track was some 30-50 miles north right up by Diamond Lake. That whole 215 miles of trail thing doesn't mean it all rules. Still had some fun, and actually the best part was kicking it in Prospect, OR later that evening, but that’s a whole 'nother report. I highly recommend the Prospect Hotel and the Trophy Saloon if you are ever in that neck of the woods. We sure had a good time.

If that's not enough for you, I threw together some helmet cam vid I shot on our trip...


Small (QuickTime, 46MG)


Medium (MP4, 91MG)


Full Size (MPEG. 219 MG)


Anyways, that concludes my report. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did re-telling the adventure. I plan on hitting Prospect again next year, but this time riding the North end.

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