xr650r cam 180degrees off???

so i took the top end a part and i fallowed the book with re assembly but book doesnt say anything about the cam position all teh marks on tdc etc everything is marked but cam and the cam chainring doesnt say if valves should be open or closed then i put the cam in any ideas? i put the cam and bike run like crap then i rotated it 180 degrees to see the difference and still runs like crap any ideas what might be wrong with it?

thanx guys

180 should not matter. You get a spark every time the piston hits the top of the stroke.

Jetting? Carb gummed up? Cam timing off? Bent valves? Stock cam? Stock piston?

normally the cam should be install withe the valve closed, yo don't want to close the cylinder head cover when it's pressing the valve, you can brake the cover.

as it said it doesn't matter the side, just the line should be parallel

thanx guys thats what i was thinking that it doesnt matter what im gonna do now is take carb a part it was sitting on the bench for 2 weeks and with this hot weather its possible that its all gummed up inside thanx again guys :busted:

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