YZ80 jetting part number help ?

This site is very confusing. No one has given the part numbers and a clear way to order them.

I have a VM28 off a 1996 yz80 to put on my 02 TTR125

What is the part numbers I need when I call SUDCO for the 20pilot and 140 main??

Please just answer the question if you know it I'd hate to have another confusing thread.

OK try these. The VM28-418 looks like a flat slide and in the Sudco catalog it also lists it as a TM28, page 105 of their #34 catalog. The VM26 takes the same style of jets. Your pilot should be the VM22/210 style. The # 20 pilot is Sudco order number 004-004, page #135 on their #34 catalog. The main should be the 4/042 style. The #140 is Sudco order number 004-088, page 137 in the same catalog. Another website to check out is www.motorcyclecarbs.com. They have good pictures and measurements of all the jets etc. Match up the style that you have now just to make sure before you order, and double check my info. Let me know how everything works outs, I'm doing the same mod.

Don't forget about the slide. Its coming off a two stroke and going on a four stroke. Different air velocity demands so the cut away may be different.

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