crf250r matinence

hi. I was just wondering what matinence you have to do on a crf250r. I just got a 07 crf250r the other day, please help on when to do matinence and how to do it.


change tranny oil and engine oil every 5 hours and oil filter with the change

clean air filter every ride or two

clean and lube chain

tightening spokes once in a while

checking valves

hopefully you don't end up like me i had the exact same bike and it was nothing but trouble. valves go all the time. went threw a bottom end, and two pistons in 2 years.. i didn't bag it and maintained it very well. I now bought a 2 smoker MUCH easier to maintain and rebuild!

Awesome bike dude, i've got an 07 that i've had since new & its been nothing but great, just put in a new piston at 63 hours & everything was mint inside.

This is what i've done to maintain mine & its worked for me

Always used Yamalube 4r semi synthetic oil, changed every 5-6 hours.

Stock paper oil filter 12-15 hours.

Gearbox oil 10-15 hours

Motorex valve guard in the gas.

Check valves maybe every 20 hours, haven't adjusted since initial break in though.

I honestly don't know what people do to their bikes to blow cranks valves etc so early on, i'm no beast on a bike but i'm not slow either plus it gets used for supermoto & it gets its nuts revved off for that!

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