DDK needle wanted

Hi guys,

Anyone have a DDK they could spare? I will pay $5 for the needle and $5 for the shipping. I have paypal or could just send you a check. I run a CEK in the summer and DDJ in the winter. Would like the DDK to round out spring and fall. :busted:


Did you try Acceleration Karting? I orded a DDK from there late last week......I hope I didn't get the last one, thus causing your post on here, hehe. :busted:


Thanks Tom. I got the same reply on KTMtalk so I guess I know where to go now. Sudco is great, but I don't want to pay $20 when I really only need a $6 needle.

that's the best place to order, have used them for several needles. Great service and quick shipping.

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