Clutch Gasket on 05 CRF 250

Well the problem seems to be that when rebuilding my clutches i noticed my clutch cover is using an o ring and not a gasket but the company cometic sent me a gasket that said it works with an 05 and right on the package says that o ring is the standard. So i guess the main question is should i use that gasket or send it back and get an o ring. Thanks.

I am pretty sure that you can use a gasket instead of the o-ring if you want but if it was my bike, I would use an o-ring as it makes removing the cover a 2 minutes job.

you can use either one.. i personally like the o-ring ones better but the paper will work fine.. just remember to put a new one in..

Paper gaskets on the clutch cover are retarded. I would inspect my old oring and if good would use it while i ordered a new one.Make sure if you use the old oring check carefully for leaks after its all assembled and fluids added ect ect...

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